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From The President


The Lexington-Bell Community Center, in service to the residents of the Hough community for over Fifty-plus years, continues to provide quality services to the children and families who come through its doors.  Regardless of how basic, all needs are dealt with in a holistic manner, thus focusing on a total family approach.  This creates an atmosphere of respect and compassion, while engendering each person who is a part of the “Lexington-Bell family” to strive to achieve their best, and make a positive impact on their lives and the community in general.


The diversity of programs offered indicate those which our center has provided excellent

Service in a niche of program delivery.  Our agency takes pride in “doings things right”, in effect empowering all participants both now and in the future.


As we continue to evaluate the impact of societal conditions on program delivery, we endeavor to address the needs of our neighbors in the coming years, as well as stand poised to remain a foundation of pride, hope and empowerment for years to come.


Robert Brooks, President

Lexington-Bell Community Center


From the Director


As we entered 2010, we had our challenges of the New Year; we had lost two viable programs, Help Me Grow and FAITH, Early Childhood Services dwindling enrollment.  With the support of Staff and Board we were able to reorganize and regroup, through staff shifting and sound financial oversight, thus continuing to provide quality services and remain financially sound.


2010 also provided us with Capital Improvements:  formed a Committee, and implemented our Building Improvement plan.  The immediate needs were the roof, windows, heating and cooling units, surveillance cameras, and cosmetic improvements (paint, carpet, signage, etc.). We developed a budget of $100,000.00 to complete these improvements. This process has taken all of 2010; we anticipate completion in 2011. 


 I would like to thank the Board and Staff of Lexington-Bell Community Center for their continued support and belief in our Purpose in the Community.


Lu Anne Peters

Executive Director




Mission Statement


“The mission of the Lexington-Bell Community Center is to strengthen, advocate and empower the community through the delivery of quality social, educational and recreational services with an emphasis on families and children”



Description of Agency, Services, and Accomplishments


The Lexington-Bell Community Center, located in the Hough area of Cleveland, Ohio, is a merger by the (Lexington-Square 1968) and (Bell Neighborhood Center 1958).  The agencies of Lexington Square Community Center and Bell Neighborhood Center merged in 1987, creating the Lexington-Bell Community Center.  Lexington-Bell is a participating agency of the United Way Services, and a member of the Greater Cleveland Neighborhood Centers Association.


The Lexington-Bell Community Center has provided myriad services to children and families throughout its existence, each program committed to quality and excellence.  The current ranges of services are:

Participants Served in 2010

Early Childhood                      51

After School Enrichment        82

Summer Day Camp                58

Moms First                           182

Strong Start                            46

21St Century Learning             72


Early Childhood Services Program

After School Enrichment Program

Summer Day Camp Enrichment Program

21st Century Learning Center

Moms First

Strong Start




Lexington-Bell Community Center would not have been as successful in programs without our partner agencies providing programs, activities, and support,


We want to Thank


Youth Outdoors, Positive Education Program (PEP), Ohio State Cooperative Extension (4H), Sun Rise East Tutoring Program, PATTHS for DADS, Sickle Cell Anemia Association , Mobile Dentist, Tickets for Kids, Boy Scouts of America, Cleveland Treatment Center, Cleveland Metropolitan Zoo, Cleveland Public Library; if we have forgotten you, please forgive!!





“Where children's and families are first”



Some Highlights of the Year 2010!


¨      As the sponsoring organization for Boy Scout troop 931, our unit achieved quality status for the 18th time in its 20 year existence.

¨      A Step Up to Quality Star One Child Care Center, which enabled us to secure dollars for improvements

¨      Moms First performing well on all Program Audits and providing quality services to Pregnant Moms

¨      Strong Start continues to serve couples and demonstrate that they  are “Better Together”

¨      Quality Programs for Kindergarten to Eight Grade thru 21st Century Learning Center

¨      Our Computer Lab continues to expand and serve all participants in the Community

¨      The formation of a Youth Council in our After School Enrichment Program

¨      Parent Council continues to provide support and services to Lexington-Bell Community Center.

¨      Special Kudos to our Parents who have volunteered their talents and expertise in assisting us, with programs, landscaping, clerical, etc.  It especially important to note that these services saved us over $3000.00 in expense.






The Lexington-Bell Community Center follows an intentional stewardship type approach in the use of its resources to carry out its mission.  Through detailed planning, budgeting, monitoring and evaluation, we are able to provide quality services (the areas of Early Childhood, Social Services to families and individuals, Neighborhood Organization Development and Improvement, and Support Services) to the children, youth, families and residents who participate and utilize our services, in addition to maintaining a positive profile as an organization located in the Hough community.


In 2010, our sources of revenue were generated from:


¨      United Way Services allocations

¨      United Way Services Designated Donor Grants

¨      Fees and Grants from Governmental Agencies

¨      Service Fees

¨      Dividends and Interest

¨      Realized Gains

¨      Miscellaneous Revenue


Correspondingly, budget expenses for 2010 to provide quality services fell into the following categories:


¨      Salaries & Related Expenses

¨      Professional Fees & Contracted Services

¨      Food and Provisions

¨      Occupancy

¨      Telephone & Internet

¨      Insurance

¨      Mileage, Van Repairs and Fuel

¨      Equipment Rental & Maintenance

¨      Interest & Miscellaneous





A breakdown of Revenues and Expenses for 2010 and 2009 follow:





United Way Services



United Way Designated Donors



Government Grants



Grants from Foundations/Other Contributions



Fees & other



Dividend & Interest



Realized Gains/(Losses)



Miscellaneous Revenue











Salaries & related expenses



Professional fees & contracted services



Office Supplies & postage



Food & provisions



Telephone & Internet






Mileage, van repairs and fuel






Equipment Rental & Maintenance



Interest & Miscellaneous

















Lexington-Bell Community Center annually obtains an independent audit report as part

of its responsible fiscal management. A copy of the report is available for review.






Lexington-Bell Community Center

7724 Lexington Avenue

Cleveland, OH 44103

(216) 391-4100

(216) 431-2164 (fax)




Board & Staff Leadership


President                                              Robert Brooks, II

Vice President                                      Ronnie D. Henighan, Sr.

Secretary                                              Ruby Jones

Treasurer                                              Hannah Manuel

Executive Director                                Lu Anne Peters




Goals for Coming Year


To continue to Provide Quality Services to our Community


To Partner and Collaborate with like Organizations


To treat our participants with Respect and dignity


To provide and participate in “Grass Root Community Organization”


Launch website


Complete all the Capital Improvements


Strategic marketing of the Lexington-Bell Community Center


By Laws Revision


Review Financial Policies & Procedures


Continue Board Development